Tuesday, April 26, 2011


1.) What is art therapy? Art therapy is a technique used by mental health counselors to identify and solve mental health issues.

2.) Does your art making relate to therapy at all? If so, how? Not by the definition.

3.) How do you feel art therapy can help someone with special needs? I think that it can help someone who needs to communicate things without the use of words. it can also be used as a tool for introspection.

4.) Have you ever used art making (painting, drawing, photography, etc) as a way to deal with a personal issue? Please explain. yes. Last year my mother had a run in with cancer..it was a hard process to deal with.. i would visit her in the hospital and draw her.. I ended up making a painting from one of the drawings..the activity of painting helped o release a lot of energy I had inside.

5.) Do you think, as an artist, we have any responsibility to help others deal with problems through art? No. I think it is only a responsibility if you make it one.

6.) Can you see any kind of relationship between this video and how I approach my artwork? I'm not sure.

7.) Do you think any of my work is therapeutic? I do not know.

8.) Do you think my art will change when I leave school? I hope you continue to grow as an artist. If it didnt change, I would be worried.

1.) Did you find any similarities between the reading and the youtube video? Yes

2.) Do you believe that attempting to remove certain tenets embedded deep within our society is an important aspect to the advancement of the human condition? Depends on who is advancing.

3.) Are there any examples of people considered to be insane for their attempt to remove unnecessary beliefs within our society? I think that happens in the case with most fundamentalists..usually when you take away you are adding something else.

4.) Andrei Tarkovsky expresses the fact that you cannot force others to feel certain emotions, and that you may not experience life through anything other than your own personal experiences. Do you believe that this statement is beneficial to the creation of art? I think being in touch with your own experiences..and being honest with yourself..can help in all areas of life. it's not an easy thing to do..sometimes because what we know, is all we know..so identifying it can be difficult.

5.) Do you agree, or disagree, with the opinions that Andrei Tarkovsky expresses about his view on art? Why? I think that making work from yourself is a good way to make "honest" work..but I do not think that the experiences have to be one way or another.

6.) Do you find a similarity between my work and any of the information that I have presented to you? Sure. You make a lot of statements from personal experiences, I think.

7.) Are there any similarities between the work that you create and the presented information? Depends on what work it is.

8.) Is everything going to be okay? "I'm OK- You're OK" Thomas A. Harris, MD

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