Tuesday, March 29, 2011

alex and shellie

Questions from Alex
1. How important is the process of destroying something ( personal object/ mental image/photograph) to create a piece of work that is abstract?
Maybe you can think of this interms of detroying the picture perfect representation of something..but I dont think of it that way at all..I take more of the..rip a piece of paper in half to make two sheets of paper..not to destroy one.

2. In your own work, how do you feel that the medium that you choose best expresses your meaning, message & own truth?

I like this question.. I have spent a decent time thinking about mediums..and which ones to use for which projects..and in which arrangements. Take my dyptich with the single cartoon characters representing masculine and femenin qualities..To properly do this project..i felt that it was important to look at what was important in expressing these qualities from the characters..it was a lot about body language..motion..etc...so video was the obvious choice for me to convey something tht was both originally time based..and conveyed a message that relied on time based media.

3. In your opinion, why do you think that the Gerald Peters Gallery mainly selected Fair's photos for their abstract impact? (not showing the photographs of the smokestacks & factories). I think it was in the best interest of the gallery to show "safe" work..they are a business..and their business is to sell a product that best represents them..

4. What are the similarities between art & documentation? Sometimes there is no difference; especially if you are thinking about people like Cartier Bresson. The lines can be blurred..this was especially true for the modernists..maybe when you consider post modernism the line is harder to blur..

5. In my own work, do you feel that i convey a sense of environment & mood?

Sure, color pallets are a sure fire way to convey a feeling to someone.

6. Do you feel that the process & materials that i use, best expresses my message in my paintings? If not, then please explain what materials would work best for the execution & final outcome of my work.
Sure. I dont know what to tell you really. I don't look at your work often enough.

7. How important is the use of scale in your own work? And do you believe that i use an appropriate size & scale for my paintings?
Scale is important, it can really make a piece powerful...it can make it reminiscent of other things..like photographs..if it is small...your size works for your larger paintings..I like to see big colorist paintings.

8. What do you think of my color palette for my paintings? What colors do you think I should use in my next painting.

Try to experiment with color thinking about light..like rgb scales..cmyk..color theory gets really interesting when you start to work with it traditionally.

1. After reading this article analyzing Woody’s work do you feel like his movies mock how contemporary art classes approach talking about art? Why?

I have never seen any of his movies. Asides from one that was terribly perverted..I cant even remember the name of it..it was slow..and boring...but that probably was not his best..

2. Do you ever feel surrounded by people that you need to impress/fake being overly excited or emotional about your work? If you do ever fake these emotions, why?

Sometimes I feel surrounded by people who seem to fit that criteria..but I just do what I do.

3. Would you say you art leans more towards needing emotional or intellectual appreciation? Does this relate to the aesthetics?

Both..I make aesthetics decisions..that are both emotional and intellectual.. I find myself responding intellectually to something thats initial response was emotional..vice versa.

4. Do you care about how your work looks while your creating it? Do you ever step back and move something around just because it looks bad? Does the work become less intellectual if this happens? Explain.

I'm thiking about my paintings for this one..I usually start and finish a painting in one sitting..I spend most of my time deciding what colors to use..then painting is fast..as long as the paint is moving how i want it to move..i feel no need to stop..if the paint stops moving how i want it to..i finish the painting..and then make another..my paintings are observational..so there is not really a problem with the geometry..because in a way i have framed it before i have started...for non objective paintings..i will go back and change things..i will look at it from every angle..and then make decisions about changing it based on formal considerations..and also gut reactions..and also to eliminate obvious symbols or icons that may have happened during painting..no..it doe not feel less intellectual..or more emotional...it's educated decisions.

5. When you view my art do you have any intellectual response? If not does this mean my work has no aesthetic value based on what the chapter requires for a meaningful aesthetic response.

Sure I do. I think of your work in terms of process..i think of it in terms of beauty..i think of it in many ways.

6. Where is your fulcrum between intellect and emotion when creating your work on a scale of 1-10. 1 leaning more towards intellect and 10 being more towards emotion. Where is mine?

I don't know where yours is. Mine depends..I guess I feel balanced..

7. Why do you think I tend to reject intellectualizing art?

I don't want to go there.

8. I would consider my work to be relaxing to the viewer. Do you agree/why?

Totally. Color choice..subject matter..framing..everything has a natural.smoothness..beauty..it really is relaxing..

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