Tuesday, April 5, 2011

.) Do you think any of Graham Handcock's idea's in the video are plausible? Which ones, why? Sure, I think it is an interesting idea the all of us across the world can participate in the same experience while being on LSD. Like I said in class, it makes sense that our brains are have a variety of chemicals that when altered can have similar effects on our senses. I think that of perceptual truth, but not any truth based in reality. For example, I may hallucinate that there is soup in a pot, but that doesnt justify truth.

2.) What "state of mind" do you mainly make your art in? I remember going to figure classes high; I always thought I was able to capture the figure "better" if I was altered in some way..then I was sober and went to class.. And thought I did a better job perceiving the subject and applying charcoal to paper as a response.. I have made work on LSD and it was great when I did it; I thought it made a lot of sense and had important conclusions; again when I was sober it made no sense; but I did like it. I lost interest in drugs during my sophomore year after I realized what it was doing to my sense of self and my pockets. Now I create all of my work coherently. I am more interested in what I am capable of without the drugs.

3.) What do you think extraterrestrial alien art would look like, and/or what do you think extraterrestrial aliens would think of your art? I think that it wouldn't have the same purpose. You need to help me by developing the character of the alien more... Like how does it perceive what does it do.. Etc

4.) Do you believe its possible that quantum physics and spirituality are connected in anyway.  Yes, I think that you give off energy and your energy is determined by your spiritual health. I am not talking about organized religion. I am talking about the needs of "humans" in coordination with well being.

!.)  Do you think Graham Handcocks ideas relate to what I am making at all? After your explanation of your work today...I really don't know what tour work is about. Your statement seemed full of doubt, and a lack of smoking of view.. Like not even neutral point of view..there seemed to be very little belief or truth in your work.. I can only think of them as drawings of violence and symbolis
About your ways of life..cheeseburgers. Yeah I don't know how to take it seriously.

@.) Do any of his idea relate to what i have talked about? I don't know what you are talking about. This sentence is incomplete.

#) Can you relate to my drawings? Not really m thing. I may have liked them more when I was younger and into violent and overt things. Some of your stuff I think is really nice graphically and that inspires me. But asides from like shapes, I'm not really into your content.

$) Do you think the process of drawing relates to the idea of DNA being a device that passes on code. Sure. I like what ou said in class about this.

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